Re: Order of Creation

Juli Kuhl (
Thu, 20 Jun 1996 05:10:27 -0400 (EDT)

The concept of God being "refreshed" sounded a bit more than just
anthropomorphic to me, so I looked up the passage in the NIV.
It reads that God "abstained from work and rested", no doubt implying
that there is a difference between the two "activities" (if you can call
"rest" an activity). I'm not sure how comfortable I'd be suggesting to
anyone that God was refreshed, only because it implies need, and thus less
than perfectness.

I can grasp the concept of God's being emotional (grieving He made
mankind, His Spirit striving with man's spirit, etc.) and can "handle"
the idea of His "regretting" in the sense of feeling whatever it was He was
feeling without implying that He was admitting He made a "mistake" in
creating mankind. I wonder if some of that kind of dynamic is what
you're trying to say, without implying God "needs" a break?

Juli Kuhl