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Alexander I. Yakushkin (alex@avers.donetsk.ua)
Tue, 18 Jun 96 06:59:00 +0300

June 17, 1996

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ,

Lords' peace to you! I send warmest greetings to you and each
brothers and sisters in the Lord with you. Could I ask you about help?

Seven years ago group of young Christians, students of
Polytechnic Institute, organized the Donetsk Independent Christian
Center for religious study in our region. We told to our Family and
friends about our Savior Jesus Christ, His life, death on cross, about
God's plan our life, his hope for our future. To fulfill our hopes of
Evangelizing our country we have developed the Center. Complete with a
library of Christian literature, audio & video to help local churches
in organization Sunday Schools for children and adults. And to assist
anyone to know more deeply God's Word.

Last year we started a "computing ministry" in our region. Most
of our local Churches are unable to afford a computer to do research
of God's Word through a Bible program. To solve this problem we have
set up a room with two computers. A place of study for our locale
Evangelist and pastors who do not own a computer can come in and use
it for their Bible study and sermon preparation. We have also
established a computer library center to help our friends grow in
knowledge to better understand this important tool in our work.

To meet the growing demands for a Russian Language Bible program
we have developed "Russian Electronic Bible" project, Slavic Bible 1.0
for Windows 3.1, 3.11 or Windows 95 is now a reality!

This program offers

Russian Synod text of the Holy Scriptures
Old Testament in Hebrew
Septuagint (Old Testament in Greek)
New Testament in Greek
New Testament in Russian Church-Slavonic
Vulgate (Bible in Latin)
American Standard Version
Revised Standard Version

Russian and English texts have cross reference modules that can
be modified with your own cross references. Personnel notes can be
attached to any passage of the Bible. Word translation is just a right
mouse click away thanks to Romanov's Russian-English & English-Russian

We are proud of our version one with over two years of hard work
in development. But we are not finished yet! We continue forward with
our program in 3 main aspects:

1. Add a full Bible atlas and connect it with Bible verses. To be
able to click on location in the text and immediately open the atlas
to see were this place is to understand the geography of the Bible
more fully.

2. Add 3 more dictionaries (in first): Greek(Koine)-Russian,
Hebrew-Russian and Bible Dictionary of Nostrum (in Russian).

3. Add authority comments on the Bible.

4. Add bilingual English-Russian interface.

But to continue this project we need your help and support . Any
advice and opinions on how to improve our program things you like to
see us to add. We would like to know! It is our hope that God will
Bless our project for a Russian based program to study his Word more
fully. And he will through you!

May The Lord blesses you & your families!

Yours in Christ

Sergej A.Fedosov
Christian Center
Do vostrebovanija - 0560
Donetsk 340000 Ukraine