Plantinga's review in Books and Culture

Scott R. Scurrah (
Sun, 16 Jun 1996 22:39:43 -0400

James Mahaffy wrote:

> Jack Haynes's comments on Johnson's review of Del Ratzsch stimulated me enough to track down a copy. For those interested it can be
found books and culture reviews under Johnson's home page at:
> He told me that I could feel free to distribute or post this review, but
> thought I would just indicate where you could find it.

Thank you Mr. Mahaffy. I read the review by Johnson in Books and Culture. I
also read Plantinga's article and have wanted to share it with people over
the internet. For those of you who don't know, Plantinga reviewed Daniel
Dennet's _Darwin's Dangerous Idea_, which review in my opinion is excellent.
I recommend it highly. Do any of you know where this article might be found
online, if at all?

Also, at the risk of appearing presumptuous, I'd appreciate feedback from any
of you on the hyperlinks found at my website There are a few science related
sites whose efficacy and scientific accuracy and relevance I'd like to run
past any of you who would care to look. If you'd have any feedback feel free
to contact me via private E-mail.

Thank you.

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