The Art of Ignorance
Mon, 17 Jun 1996 11:00:57 EST

I am in the process of gathering information for an article with the
working title: "The Art of Ignorance." The purpose of the article for
the general Christian audience is to give practical, biblical
guidelines on what to give our attention to and what to ignore in
the midst of a knowledge and communication technology
explosion. If you have developed your own guidelines as to what
you do to avoid an information overload (and all the maladies that
causes), I would appreciate hearing from you. What do you do, for
instance, to keep from having e-mail and Internet research rob you
of more important things? What do you do to screen info you think
is "critical" to your work -- especially when there is more of it than
you can possible attend to?

You may even decide to ignore this request -- and that's okay too;
but if you do, you know your conscience is going to condemn you
all day long ;-)

Dean Ohlman
the "Messenger"
Cornerstone College
Grand Rapids, Michigan