Re: Another postmortem reply

Dick Fischer (
Sun, 16 Jun 1996 08:34:16 -0500

Hi Gordon:

You wrote:

>You recently wrote, "We believed the earth was flat. Augustine considered that
>from his understanding of the Bible." I am not sure what you meant by
>"considered", but if you meant that he believed the earth was flat, do you
>have a reference?

"Considered" is exactly what I wanted to say. He addressed specifically
the days of creation controversy, saying "they were God-divided days not
sun-divided." But if he believed the earth was a globe, and I have doubts
about that, it surely would have been a minority view.

I have always thought the subject of "antipodes" was kind of humorous.
Europeans walked on the top of the earth with their feet pointed down, while
on the opposite side of the earth, "antipodes" walked uside down with their
feet pointed up. Could we call that a "Eurocentric earth"?

Dick Fischer