Re: Reformed vs Anglo-American Evangelical View
Thu, 13 Jun 1996 14:38:50 -0400

Jan wrote:

>We must have Christians who show that destroying creation in the name of
>capitalism is sin.
>We must have Christians who show that the greed of rich industrialists is
>destroying life, not only their own, but also the life of those who work
>for them.

I agree that wanton destruction is wrong in the name of anything.
But when I read this I have to wonder why it is that capitalism is
considered the great source of evil against the environment. Have you ever
looked at the level of environmental devastation wrought in the old,
communist Soviet Union? Or in countries with a socialist government?
It isn't the system that is to be blamed. It's the selfishness and
carelessness of mankind (original sin if you will) that leads to _all_
evils, including environmental destruction. Let me also point out that it
is not the greed of rich industrialists that we need to blame either. It
is the greed of _all_ people, rich and poor, industrialist and common
litterbug, that cause the problems you speak of.
What I really want to get across here is that there seems to be too
much of a tendency to focus the blame on capitalists, the rich,
industrialists, Republicans, conservatives and so forth. Is it any wonder
that after being cast as the villains of ecological havoc such people don't
gleefully jump on the ecology band wagon. Maybe if _everyone_ would try to
*accept* more blame, rather than trying to assign blame, we might not have
the vehement "environmental backlash" that has been lamented so much of

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