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13 Jun 96 11:55:10 EDT

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Dear Richard,

At the moment I don't have the time to ponder a week over an answer, and, if
possible, I don't want to sound argumentative. If I forget to answer a
particular objection to something you wrote against me, please, let me know.

It is far from me to try to say, that I don't think evangelizing is not very
important. On the contrary, but I must confess, that I cannot see how in a big
city one can be evangelizing unless one is involved in many non-church areas.
We still disagree about Rom.8. (A day later I insert: Thank you, George, for
your posting.) Creation wants to see the revealing of the children of God.
Part of that is definitely preaching on streetcorners, etc. to those who never
heard about Jesus as Saviour. Preaching includes calling men back from their
sinful ways. These sinful ways happen in every area of life, even if that is a
Kuyperian expression. Before my retirement I was teaching at a R.C.College.
There I saw again the immense influence of and destruction caused by secular
science. We must have Christians who are able to talk and teach science in
order to hold on to our children, who take secular education. And secular
education is unfortunately taught at many so-called christian (non-reformed)
schools, who use secular textbooks without discrimination, and without furthers
explanations. I saw christians from non reformed churches crying in my office
because they had to learn about evolution. We need Christians who are able to
answer them in a way that shows them God's way in their studies.

We must have Christians who show that destroying creation in the name of
capitalism is sin. See for example the note Cal DeWit attached to the
Creation-Evolution report in the 1991 CRC synod agenda. We must have Christians
who show that the greed of rich industrialists is destroying life, not only
their own, but also the life of those who work for them. In order to have these
things we have to have christian schools from low to high, including university.
I could go on. The argument of keeping our children in a sheltered environment
at christian schools is a myth. My own experience is different. I grew up in a
small town, which was 90% reformed. The school was "sheltered" in that only
reformed children were there. I shall not list the sins I have seen committed
there. My own children went to a Christian High School in a world city. Drugs
could be bought at that school. My grandchildren go to a Christian School in a
world city, where children from 33 churches attend. Only 5 or 6 are reformed
churches. I must say in all honesty that the majority of students come from a
reformed background. In my experience Christian Schools have never been
secluded, safe places. If any one thinks that, that person needs to have a
closer look.

The myth about learning to speak about Christ in public is not true either. Not
every Christian does that, nor are all Christians required to do that. All
christians must be ready to talk about their faith. Not every christian coming
from a public school is able and willing to talk with anyone about faith. On
the other hand I know many Reformed Christians who did and do. In my own family
I'll mention my great-grand father who evangelized among dike workers in
Holland. My father-in-law did the same. With the members of the Young People
Society I have been door-knocking in Amsterdam. With a group of volunteers I
was evangelizing in Toronto, even preaching on street corners. Christian
schooling was part of the preparation for that. Sorry, I am beginning to sound
argumentative and boasting. Still, I will not erase it.

Indeed Holland is losing its Christianity, as do many other European countries.
We can pray for their repentance and return to serving God and Christ. One of
the reasons was that Bible studies for men gradually disappeared, as they do
here on the N.American continent. Not only in the reformed churches. The
result is a traditional Christianity, as the R.C.Church had at the end of the
Middle Ages. It is happening here. Bible knowledge is declining fast. I have
to stop now, I am supposed to be at a Home Mission Meeting. I'll continue

Jan de Koning
Willowdale, Ont.