Joseph Carson (
11 Jun 96 23:27:54 EDT

After reading about 10 of Glenn Morton and Robert Fischer's posts, I started
skipping over them as soon as I saw either of their names in the address
block, so I missed the debate, but I want to make some comments anyway.

I thought my attention was being abused, which is why I started to skip
them. I wonder how many others felt the same and skipped over the messages
or even dropped off the list? I think that better manners would have been
shown if the messages were fewer and farther between. That way, I might
have kept on reading them. I wonder if we should institute some
"understandings" about how often people will post and how lengthly their
posts will be - especially the ones that repeat the entire message being
responded to!

Of all the things of which I'm steward, my conscious attention is most
limited and precious - and I think I speak for all in saying that. How can
we share vital things via this mechanism without going overboard, as I think
the recent debate did?

I welcome your comments,

Joe Carson