Re: Good Web Pages?

Donald E Degraaf (
Tue, 11 Jun 1996 21:37:11 -0400 (EDT)

Joe Carson invited us to report helpful Web pages that relate to our
interests in ASA. Scott Scurrah responded with the URL for the
Society for Christian Philosophers.
This effort is very timely for the work of the
ASA Communications Commission, which is compiling a listing of _especially_
helpful Resources on Christianity and Science on the WWW. We want to
have this available for those who register at the ASA meeting in Toronto,
and also for others. Two of our listings of Web sites are given below.

Meanwhile, the ASA Com Com invites contributions from others. Thanks for
your help!

Don DeGraaf
Donald E. DeGraaf, Prof. Emeritus of Physics, U. of Michigan-Flint
(home) 1008 Fremont St., Flint, MI 48504
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ASA Resources on the World Wide Web

These resources are maintained by Terry M. Gray in the Chemistry Dept. of
Calvin College. They are frequently updated with new or added
information. The ASA home page is at URL

This page tells "About the ASA", and has links to: (1) the Program of the
ASA Annual Meeting, (2) selected Articles and Book Reviews from PSCF
(with assistance from John Burgeson, Paul Arveson and Jack Haas) and
related papers, (3) Archives of posts to the ASA email discussion group
(see below), (4) Related Sites of Interest to ASA Members, for General
Christian Resources and also for Christianity and Science, and (6) the
PSCF home page at URL

recent issues, (2) PC-DOS and Mac versions of the PSCF Database (readable
using a special viewer), (3) On-line Searching of the PSCF Database
(assembled by Paul Arveson) which includes the Contents of Volumes 1-46
of the Journal ASA/PSCF (1949 -1994). One can search for articles by
author, word in the title, keyword, discipline, year. The entire PSCF
Database (}234 kb) can be viewed as a text file.

An archive of all messages posted to the ASA email discussion group since
25 May, 1995, organized by thread (and Indexed by months beginning in
Feb. 1996), from which individual messages can be read on screen and
printed, is at URL

A secondary home page for the ASA, used for transitional items, is at URL

This contains several resources: (1) Index to ASA Documents on this
server; (2) a glossary (92 kb) of terms related to science-faith issues,
is at URL

Some other Resources on Christianity and Science on the WWW

Many resources on this and related topics are listed at the following URLs:

American Scientific Affiliation

Science and Christianity Mailing List (a service of Steven H. Schimmrich)

Institute for Christian Leadership

Reasons to Believe

Christian Internet Directory, a service of Baker Book House

Leadership University, a virtual campus on the Internet operated by
Camppus Crusade for Christ

An archive of the Talk.Origins newsgroup, with a wealth of info on
evolution, is at