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Glenn Morton (
Mon, 10 Jun 1996 21:17:11

Hi Robert,

I feel like the Brer Rabbit. I can't get the tar baby
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I will reply to this.

>You wrote:>
> There is one consideration, however, that you may not know about, but
>that need to given any author who writes for PSCF. A time lag of
>about two years exists between the time an author submits an article for
publication and when it appears in print. By the time the article is
published, not only are many of his/her references out of date, but the
author's position may even have changed substantially. This time-lag
presents a real problem in submitting articles for publication in PSCF.
>The book you cited most often in your critique (4 times): (James R.
> Shreeve, The Neanderthal Enigma, [New York: William Morrow and Co.,
1995], p. 11.) was not even in print yet when Wilcox was writing his

I am aware that most journals have a couple of year lag. I used to
publish in the Creation Research Soc. Quarterly when I was a YEC and I
had a couple of articles which waited 3 years +

However, since Wilcox had some 1995 articles (ref 11, 13, 57, and 58),
depending upon the time of the year Shreeve was published it
might have been available. Even if Shreeve's book had not been published,
I could have found all those points (not stated so clearly) in 1994 books.

I looked for a recieved/accepted date but didn't see one. From my files
reference 57 refers to a Science article from April 28, 1995 and Reference
13 was from Science August 11, 1995!!! This is only 10 months ago! I
agree it would be unfair to hold Wilcox accountable for articles he had no
access to but that seems to go at least as far as August 15, 1995. Thus he
had access to almost everything I had access to. I used no 1996
references in my post. Using old references is no problem as long as it
is still the accepted data of the field. To refer to Vines and Matthews
in geology for the source of sea-floor spreading is OK because their views
are still largely accepted.

I wanted to but did not cite in my post,the May 16, 1996 Nature which has
on the cover a necklace worn by a Neanderthal. The Neanderthal either
made it or traded for it somewhere around 34,000 years ago. In either
case that implies intelligence and implies he was part of the family of
man! If Neanderthal was a part of the family of man, how far back does
the family go? Neanderthal first appears on earth 230,000 years ago at
Pontnewydd England and Ehringsdorf, Germany.

>The book by Clive Gamble, (Timewalkers [Cambridge: Harvard University
>Press,1994], 9. p. 162) became available just as Wilcox was probably
>completing his article. The same is about as true of Kathy Schick
>and Nicholas Toth, Making Silent Stones Speak, (New York: Simon and
>Schuster, 1993), p. 271.
>Other articles and books you cited dated prior to 1992, however, were
>available to Wilcox.

The above books were available to him if he had wanted them.


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