web sites on science and Christianity

Alice Fulton (Alice-fulton@uiowa.edu)
Mon, 10 Jun 1996 21:18:40 -0500

Another web site that may be of interest to some ASA members is the site
for the Fellowship of Scientists at
http://solon.cma.univie.ac.at/~neum/sciandf/fellow/welcome.html. The
Fellowship of Scientists is a group that shares the desire to explore and
strengthen a commitment to a life in science as a form of Christian
vocation. It offers a shared form of practice that helps in the process of
discovery and commitment. The web site includes their form of practice,
constitution, an extensive annotated bibliography, and some of the readings
from the handbook.

The Fellowship is complementary to ASA, as it does not have publications
nor hold national meetings; rather it offers a course of action in daily
life through which individual scientists continue to deepen and strengthen
their vocations as scientists. Local chapters can also act in a wide
variety of contexts, depending upon their situations.

Peace -