Re: Question 1

Bill Hamilton (
Sun, 9 Jun 1996 08:15:48 -0400

Calvin DeWitt asks

>Dear ASA scientists,
>If we were asked a question about God's Creation at the last judgement, what
>might that question be?
>How should our answer affect (if at all) what we should be discussing here?
>In eager expectation,
>Cal DeWitt

My understanding of the last judgment is that each individual's deeds will
be reviewed, so question about creation that might come up in such a
scenario might include, "What did you tell those you witnessed to about
creation?" and "How did you use God's excellent work in creation in your

My answer would be that I concentrated primarily on telling people about
Jesus Christ, and that when the issue of creation came up I pointed to the
beauty and intricacy of creation as a sign that God Himself was the only
possible Creator.

Another question might deal with Christian love: How did you treat your
brother Christians who disagreed with you on the creation/evolution issue.
Now _that_'s one to keep in mind as we continue in origins discussions.

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