Joseph Carson (
08 Jun 96 20:51:48 EDT

I agree with Paul (or was it Dennis?) who recently celebrated what we are
blessed to do and attempt to do with ASA. How can we have only 2500
dues-paying members? Is God attempting to replicate some of the Old
Testament Israelite victories against overwhelming numbers of adversaries?!

I bet that many, if not most, ASA'ers also support related ministries.
One's that come to mind are Reasons to Believe, Ravi Zacharias International
Ministries, even those of Mr. Morton and Mr. Fisher.

I'm somewhat dismayed that ASA doesn't seem to get any regular "pub" (as in
publicity) in the literature of these organizations. Instigator that I be
(I realize that I couldn't have prevailed twice as a whistleblower against
DOE without at least a trace of Machivellian thinking!) I wonder if some
collective action, as donors to some of these ministries, might not result
in these ministries agreeing (at no cost to them) to include an ASA brochure
in an upcoming mailing. I think all it would take would be some email and
that this listserv could be the nucleus for it.

I also think these organizations, many of which now have web pages, should
allow ASA to "link" its web page to theirs.

Hey, Don Munro, does this post qualify me for the "2000 by 2000" club!? Is
there a pin?!

Here's an example letter:

June 8, 1996

Mr. Ravi Zacharias
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
4725 Peachtree Corners Circle
Suite 250
Norcross, GA 30092-6676

Telephone: 770-449-6766

Dear Mr. Zacharias,

I've heard of your ministry several times during the past few
years and finally obtained some specific information while
"surfing the net!" I called and, as a result, received the
current "Just Thinking" newsletter. Thank you, it's very
relevant to me.

I noted with interest your Compuserve address. I was "section
leader" for the Religion and Science section of the Religious
Issues Forum on Compuserve for about 6 months in late 1994. I
gave it up our of frustration in my failure to attract any
Christian apologists to participate in the forum. If you or
anyone on your staff are interested in participating in this way,
I'm forwarding this letter to the current section leader, John
"Burgy" Burleson, for his information also.

I'm also a member of the American Scientific Affiliation (ASA).
In the snail mail version of this letter, I've included a
brochure about ASA.

I think ASA is unique and that it warrants regular positive
mention in the publications of ministries like yours (Hugh Ross
with Reasons to Believe also comes to mind.) I don't think this
is "poaching" or that your income would diminish to ASA's
advantage. I dare say that many of your readers are eligible
for ASA membership and would welcome the opportunity to interact
in a collegial way with like-minded Christians. If one of the
goals of your publication is to "add" value to its readership, I
think would be a significant way for a number of your readers.

Your coworker in His Creation,

Joseph Carson
10953 Twin Harbour Drive
Knoxville, TN. 37922
423/966-1675 fax


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