Re: Tsai Chien

Glenn Morton (
Sat, 08 Jun 1996 17:34:17

Dear ASA listserv,

Tsai Chien is goodbye in Chinese. I am getting tired (as some of my
remarks may show) so I am signing off ASA for a while and moving elsewhere
in cyberspace. If I don't, I will really say something I will regret.
Terry, thanks for arranging the great debate. Dick, I enjoyed it. In
spite of the fact that we both think the other wrong, I think we remained

But before I leave, I am going to drop one more post. It is an analysis
of the article by Wilcox in the June 1996 Perspectives. What I will say in
that post is most impolitic and unfortunately unflattering. I just joined
the ASA at the first of May but am already concerned about the usefulness
of the journal after my first issue. Wilcox's subject matter is something
I know a lot about. What I will post will be a factual analysis of the
assertions made by that article. I frankly find the article atrocious. I
will e-mail my post to Dr. Wilcox, as that is only fair but I will not be
on the listserv to respond.

I have been urging Christians to get their facts straight in geology and
anthropology for over 15 years. Mostly without any visible success at all.
I have observed that the YEC's do not want to deal with the actual facts
of this world and so ignore them in order to retain belief in their chosen
viewpoint. Unfortunately I see the same problems on the other end of the
theological spectrum. I am beginning to believe that Christians of all
stripes really don't care what the observational data says. If it fits
what others have previously suggested (regardless of the observational
data) then it is suitable for publication. I am very discouraged about the
future of Christian apologetics. We simply can not continue to be behind
the curve on this.

When I saw the Wilcox article and the numerous, numerous factual errors,
it disturbed and discouraged me greatly. Seminary students, and
congregations will think this is OK stuff and teach it to others. Then
Christians will look foolish again. Some upon finding out the errors will
question their faith as I once did, and some will actually leave
Christianity because of this.

I manage a group of 10 geophysicists. If I or one of my guys did work of
this quality, my atheist boss would insist that we find other employment.
Why should Christians be less demanding of accuracy?

I am leaving so I can re-charge my batteries to continue my crusade
somewhere else. Christians in the apologetical arena should be aware that
they are responsible to God for getting their facts straight. If we can't
do that, we do not deserve respect. We all make mistakes but the Wilcox
article has too many. If this is the quality of science and the quality
of research done by the authors for Pespectives it is truly a shame.


Foundation,Fall and Flood