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Dick Fischer (
Fri, 07 Jun 1996 11:16:42 -0500

Dick wrote:

>>I agree. The trend among humans has been from small brain (Lucy) to big
>>brain (Glenn) over the past 3 million years. Do you have a big brain -
>>small brain-big brain scenario? Or starting with proconsul at 70 million
>>years ago, is there a small brain - big brain - small brain - big brain
>>chain going on?

Glenn wrote:

>You are badly mis-construing what I am saying. Even a Homo erectus band
>could live for millions of years and not be fossilized. Lucy is NOT a Homo
>erectus Since I didn't even mention Australopithecus or Lucy in my last
>post, I presume you chose not to really pay attention to what I said. Why
>don't you re-read what I said and respond to that rather than
>responding to what you wish I had said.

Well, the thought just occurred to me after I agreed with you that an Adam
at the
age of 5.5 million years ago should have had a brain case of about 500 cc's
if we roject the trend toward larger skull cavity backwards to that time
frame. No
offense intended.

Dick Fischer
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