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Dick Fischer (
Wed, 05 Jun 1996 14:51:04 -0500

Dean wrote:
>Having been thoroughly scolded by Dick and Glenn for calling for humility and
>awe in the sacred halls, I will dare one more post on the subject. First, I
>still have not recieved an answer regarding the strange circumstance of the
>Holy Spirit's having revealed this "explanation" of Scripture to only a few
>individuals -- apparently not trusting it to the likes of Calvin, Luther, and
>so forth.

Luther did get lured into making a comment on the geocentric earth flap. You
may remember that was the heresy of his day. He ventured that in Joshua's long
day God made the sun stop not the earth. The Holy Spirit didn't give him that

>It surely seems like an arrogant and dangerous game to seek to
>force Scripture to fit the "facts" uncovered by science.

Hoo boy, welcome to the ASA!

>If the Bible is so
>unreliable in its dealing with the "truth" of origins, why trust it?

Perhaps it is our unreliable understanding that should not be trusted.

>I am firmly convinced that nothing in God's creation will ever
>fit perfectly into any human categories.

Nothing? Makes one wonder why it was written.

>Once an individual understands and accepts the essential
>truth of Genesis, the remainder of the Bible is not hard to
>understand -- nor, for that matter, is the remainder of history.

I heartily concur.

>One of the many negative results of the Age of Reason and
>the Age of Science is that they have trained the human mind to
>abhor leaving a mystery a mystery. We insist on understanding

Now here is a complaint that should go straight to your local school board.

>It must grieve God to see His children separate from one
>another because of disagreements over the interpretation of
>mysteries they were never intended to fully understand.

Or does it honor God that we love and respect His sacred Word to the extent
that we wish to make it comprehensible in an age when we know so much more
about the world around us then Bible translators and interpreters knew when
the King James Version made its entrance in 1611?

Dick Fischer
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