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I'm going to repost (since I originally posted it late one Friday afternoon
and some people may have missed it) the suggestion made by Jack Haas that
we spend some time discussing some articles relating to Christians and the
environment. Let's show the lurkers on our group (and ourselves) that the
ASA is interested in more than just origins issues.


>Evangelicals and the Environment
> Those of us who are in touch with conservative Christianity often feel an
>unease when environmental questions are raised. At times it appears that
>evangelical activists are rushing ahead with ideas and courses of action
>without the 'advice and consent' of the troops that they seek to lead.
> I am suggesting that we discuss two PSCF articles that deal with this
>First Dick Wright's "Tearing down the Green" in the June 1995 issues and Ed
>Olson's "A Response" in the June 1996 Issue. If you are not a member of ASA
>these articles can be downloaded from the page at ASA's web site that has
>links to on-line papers
>The Wright article is at
>The Olson article is at
> Any and all aspects of the discussion are fair game. Both authors are
>of this discussion. I will send them a copy of your thoughts. It would be
>intereiing hes hear your 'backlash' experiences and concerns; also of postive
>experiences in your church. More broadly, it is important to convince
>evangelicals of the high moral ground of the movement recognizing at the same
>time the difficulty of translating morality into effective action.
> Perhaps we can begin the discussion next week when we have had time to
>review the two articles.
>Jack Haas, editor PSCF

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