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Dick Fischer (
Wed, 05 Jun 1996 10:51:01 -0500

Glenn wrote:

> ... a new population could remain hidden for millions of years without
>being fossilized, especially if the rate of population growth was slow.

I agree. The trend among humans has been from small brain (Lucy) to big
brain (Glenn) over the past 3 million years. Do you have a big brain -
small brain - big brain scenario? Or starting with proconsul at 70 million
years ago, is there a small brain - big brain - small brain - big brain
chain going on?

Postulating such a creature at 5.5 million years ago from whom we all could
have descended is not a problem. Aligning Genesis with such an individual
I consider insurmountable. The corroborating evidence for Adam of Genesis
living approximately 7,000 years ago in southern Mesopotamia is less than
but historical references to Alulim, Adapa, Alorus, Adamu, and Atum do parallel
Adam to varying degrees. If you throw all that out, you're abandoning
corroborative evidence to place him at a time and place for which there is no
evidence, only conjecture.

>Dick wrote:
>>All I can tell you is that the entire sequence
>>of events from Adam through the tower of Babel makes the most sense, is
>>the least confusing, and is partially corroborated when taken in a local
>>and recent context.

>Have you solved the physics problem with your flood scenario? At 2 miles
>an hour Noah would be washed into the Persian Gulf in a week.

God took a portion of Adam and fashioned it into Eve. I'm still working on
that physics problem.

>And if you continue to insist that Noah landed in Turkey ...

Reminds me of the Reagan - Carter debates when Reagan turned to Carter and
said, "There you go again!" Glenn, I have enough trouble with the words that
emanate from my own mouth without you putting any there. Let us journey once
again to the words of Genesis. "Mountains of Ararat" could easily have been
translated "hills of Ararat." Hebrew har is more often translated "hills"
than "mountains" in the Pentateuch. The area the ancients referred to as
Ararat could
have included parts of Syria, Iran, and Iraq. Though probably not Saudi Arabia
and certainly not the Mediterranean Sea.

> ... have you figured out how to
>make the ark float uphill against the current?

It's my next project. You see, I had my hair cut, thought about taking out an
appendix, and I am fashioning ... well ... I'll let you know if this works.
Haven't decided whether to include a mouth or not, but you should see those
big beautiful ears!

Dick Fischer
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