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Dick Fischer (
Wed, 05 Jun 1996 00:13:39 -0500

Jan wrote:

>That means, that certain facts are sure for me. For example, on the
>basis of the letter to the Romans, I believe, that all of mankind descended
>Adam. I love the Lord and look to Him for direction in my life. I accept the
>Bible as the book of Truth, because God can be trusted. If someone else
>believes the same, I accept him/her as sister/brother, even if we cannot
come to
>agreement of what the bible (translated from another language, and another
>culture) says.

I wanted to take just a moment to thank you. I was beginning to dodge brick
bats, and it was nice to get your honest (if not inerrant) appraisal. It
was a cool breeze and I appreciated it.

In doing the research that put it all together, I knew that most Christians
believed as you do, and by and large most would refuse to believe otherwise.
But remember, none of the vocal audience, you included, have seen all the
evidence. Everyone, has shot from the hip without looking at the data.
Instead of being outraged that someone would suggest we didn't all descend
from Adam, I would think at least somebody would be ecstatic to learn that
there may really have been such a person after all.

So we have alternatives. We can all descend from a nonexistent, mythical
"Adam," and keep the theologians happy, or we can revel in an historical Adam
who is unrelated to most of us, and make peace with biologists.

But remember, for us guys it doesn't make any difference. We're "in the
club." We are glory bound. We've passed the final exam and the question about
Adam wasn't on the test! Are we lucky (or were we just chosen)? Now there's a
thread for someone. Frankly, I don't give two hoots what any of you guys
We have an eternity together to hash these things out. Maybe someone will just
give us the answers. Won't that be nice?

But my heart grieves for those not so lucky (or not chosen) because we failed
in our responsibility to make God's word relevant. Because we sat in our
ivory towers and wore our salvation like red badges of courage, preached to
have faith and believe, and rendered the Bible unbelievable right from the
chapter. When we look down upon those we could have saved, I hope God will
be truly merciful to us, his beloved ignoramuses.

Dick Fischer
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