Re: Dating Adam

Glenn Morton (
Tue, 04 Jun 1996 21:29:39

Dave Koerner wrote:

>Glenn wrote,
>> But if evidence is never found then I am quite wrong.
>> But then so are all the other views I have heard Christians try to
>> use to concord these areas.
>That's because there was no literal Adam or Noah that EXACTLY,
> LITERALLY corresponds to Genesis.

What is the source for your knowledge here? I don't know who the kings of
Egypt were in the 35th century BC but that does not allow me to say
definitively that there were no kings at that time. I would dare say that
you are as lacking in proof for this statement as I am lacking proof for
my belief that there was an Adam. Your certitude has no place on this
issue unless you have been talking privately to God and He told you this

> -- Dave
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