Re: Dating Adam

gordon brown (
Tue, 4 Jun 1996 15:32:18 -0600

In one of their recent exchanges both Dick Fischer and Glenn Morton appeared
to suggest that YEC interpretations do not conflict with Scripture. If by YEC
interpretations they mean interpretations emanating from the ICR, then I

Here are some examples:

1. If the Flood was so violent that it washed away all the earlier topography
of the planet and replaced it with a new one, neither an olive tree (Gen. 8:11)
nor the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers (Gen. 2:14) would have remained.

2. The theory that the waters above the firmament (Gen. 1:7) existed only
until the Flood is flatly contradicted by Psalm 148:4-6.

3. If there was no rain anywhere on earth at any time before the Flood, then
Moses was mistaken when he blamed lack of rain for a condition (absence of
certain types of vegetation) that was not global throughout antediluvian
times (Gen. 2:5). Also a claim made in an ICR film that there was no significant
wind before the Flood is contradicted by the Hebrew of Gen. 3:8.

4. The claim that the death of any creature was impossible before the Fall
and became inevitable right after the Fall because of a change in the laws
of nature ignores Gen. 3:22-24, where subsequent to the Fall Adam and Eve
are denied access to the tree of life lest they eat from it and live forever.
Also wouldn't this tree have been unnecessary if Adam, as originally created,
could have lived forever without it?

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