Re: Dating Adam

Glenn Morton (
Tue, 04 Jun 1996 06:31:40

I missed this last statement.

>I have read your book, Glen, and I will credit you with creating a very
>attractive scenario that is logically consistent but where is the
> evidence that links the desparate parts of your story together. You can
>cite evidence for a Mediterranean desert 5.5 mya, but what is your
>evidence that links that fact to Noah or to the civilization of Gen 4 &
>5? That it could have happened needs evidence to make it believable.

I quite agree that I do not have the evidence. There are two things I
would take as verification of my views. 1 Finding Homo erectus or habilis
much further back in time towards the 4-5 million year range.(The Kanapoi
humerus may be such a find but it is too fragmentary) or 2. the dredging
up in a well core of an artifact from the Miocene/Pliocene bounday in the
Mediterranean basin. But if evidence is never found then I am quite wrong.
But then so are all the other views I have heard Christians try to use to
concord these areas. The Mesopotamian flood would wash Noah out to sea in
1 week. There is no evidence of an interruption of civilization as would
be required with an anthropologically universal flood.


Foundation,Fall and Flood