rationality of religious belief

Scott R. Scurrah (S2Philo@ix.netcom.com)
Sun, 02 Jun 1996 18:10:07 -0400


I've been a bit of a "lurker" here for a time. I'm a Christian involved in
some online discussions with some atheist and agnostic friends. Past topics
have been neuroscience, cosmology, the nature of math (Penrose, Godel, et
al), and others. Currently, I'm discussing the rationality of religious
belief with three or four really intelligent atheists. I'm having a bit of a
problem interfacing my ideas with their neural net models of consciousness
and nonlinear thinking. The discussion is currently very non-adversarial and
mutually respective. If any of you would care to be on the CC list, I'd
appreciate your involvement. My ongoing training is in philosophy and

Sincerely, Scott Scurrah