Give 'em a break

Paul Arveson (
Mon, 3 Jun 96 15:03:02 EDT

Kenneth Feucht wrote:

..."We must charge home into the consciences of these men
of broad views, and demand a plain answer to some plain questions. We must ask
them to lay their hands on their hearts, and tell us whether their favourite
opinions comfort them in the day of sickness, in the hour of death, by the
bedside of dying parents, by the grave of beloved wife or child. We must ask
them whether a vague earnestness, without definite doctrine, gives them peace
at seasons like these. We must challenge them to tell us whether they do not
sometimes feel a gnawing 'something' within, which all the free inquiry and
philosophy and science in the world cannot satisfy....above all, we must tell
them that nothing will ever make them feel rest, but submission to the old
doctrines of man's ruin and Christ's redemption, and simple child-like faith
in Jesus."

"A long quote for sure from a former Oxford graduate, written in 1866, but
perhaps still relevant to today. Ryle was truly a scholar among his peers, and
not disposed to emotionalism, simplistic thinking, or intellectual looseness.
Yet, in Bishop Ryles' delightful fashion, he entertains a primacy for
Scripture over science. Is he right? Should we be sensitive to that sort of
thing today in the ASA discussions?"


Ken: What a diatribe! And so unjustified!

From what I have observed on this net recently, there have mostly been
earnest and sincere discussions by the participants, who are mostly men and
women of lifelong Evangelical faith. It is true that the participants may not
be world experts on the areas being discussed. (If there are such experts out
there, please feel free to participate!)

Meanwhile, I think the discussions have been remarkably earnest but civil.
The participants are to be commended, not criticized, for their efforts.
Granted, sometimes the relevance of an issue becomes obscured in detail, and
it's hard to read or write in this medium. But "membership is voluntary".

The ASA has always been an interdisciplinary forum. This means that it
offers a place where Christians can ask or discuss ANY topic of intellectual
merit and expect sincere responses. This is in fact an expression of our belief
that "all truth is God's truth" -- all truth is relevant, important, significant
and worthy of study. The ASA has always had that attitude, as can be seen from
its coverage of over 65 disciplines of study in the Perspectives database that I
helped to put together.

There is simply no place like ASA.

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