Re: Dating Adam

Glenn Morton (
Fri, 31 May 1996 19:46:29

Russ Maatman wrote:

>>Of course, I *do* get a bit of indigestion when I think of Glenn's
>>5.5-mya Noah. But that is another matter.

Take two Digel and call me in the morning. :-) But last time I checked,
indigestion is not a valid reason for rejecting a viewpoint. Failure
to match the requisite observational data is.

I don't see any other way to unite the details of Scripture and science.
I simply can not ignore the scientific data of geology and biology and I
can not ignore the events of the scripture. It was the failure to match
the data by all Christian viewpoints I had heard of that led me to reject
them. YEC ignores almost all of modern observational science.
Progressive creation is, in my opinion, ad hoc and is indistinguishable
from evolution. And other solutions seem to make the Bible out as the
most erroneous of books. So why believe an erroneous book? I simply saw
no other solution which would work.

Foundation,Fall and Flood