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Steven Schimmrich (
Fri, 31 May 1996 10:24:07 -0500 (CDT)

Terry Gray ( wrote:

> An interesting, but militaristic anti-Christian, essay that discusses
> Russ's point can be found on the web at

I read the essay and don't really find it "militaristic anti-Christian."
He was just railing against MISREPRESENTATIONS by many Christians of the
mitochondrial Eve hypothesis (it's unfortunate that many of those who
worship the God of Truth are so willing to bend the truth in their apologetic

I saw young-earth creationist Dr. Gary Parker speak a couple of months
ago on our campus and he made the argument that scientists dated the "oldest"
woman at 160,000 years ago using mitochondria and that they dated the
"oldest" man at 270,000 years ago using Y-chromosomes so therefore scientists
didn't know what they were talking about and the earth must be young.

Parker, as Krisha Kunchithapadam (the author of the above essay) might say,
is "talking crap."

- Steve.

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