Re: Dating Adam

Dick Fischer (
Thu, 30 May 1996 19:42:51 -0500

At 10:48 AM 5/30/96 -0700, Dave wrote:
>I gather that both sides are trying to date the
>first occurrence of the "image of God" in a hominid, but this concept doesn't
>seem to be well defined. What precisely do you mean by the first occurrence of
>the "image of God?"

Please see my posting "In the Image," I'll re-send it if you can't find it.

>I no longer believe in the
>"substitionary atonement" theory.

That's a whopping concession to science.

>This was a drastic change, but seemed a
>logical consequence of the fact that there was no literal First Man in
>a Garden.

Would a literal First Man created in the image of God restore faith even
if he arrived too late to start the genus Homo?


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