Re: Dating Adam

Bill Hamilton (
Thu, 30 May 1996 17:01:31 -0400

Terry M. Gray wrote:
>Concerning Glenn's reference to the Golan Venus--I'm not willing to
>conclude anything from such an artefact other than that those hominids
>could make from rock images that looked like people. To say that the
>existence of such a thing implies idolatry and thus religious sensibilities
>and thus image of God seems a bit excessive.

I've had some concerns about inferring religion from ancient artifacts ever
since I first heard one of Hugh Ross' talks in which he claimed no evidence
of religion more than ~50000 years ago. A statue of a nude woman may only
indicate a race of hominids that has the symbolic capabilites needed to
appreciate art. Of course such capabilities are important in the
expression of religious belief, but I think it's a stretch to infer that
they _demonstrate_ the presence of religion. If we knew there was no art
before a certain date, then I believe we would be justified in inferring
there was no religion prior to that date. But to then infer that there was
religion beginning from that date is stretching things.
>As an aside I might add that in my theology, human beings aren't the only
>creatures with religious sensibilities. "The heavens declare the glory of
>God..." "They look to Him for food..."

Interesting. Reminds me of my claim that God commands and nature
(worshipfully perhaps?) obeys.

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