Paul Arveson (
Thu, 30 May 96 16:01:53 EDT

From: Dick Fischer <>

>Let's not be testy. I don't think you got to be a research physicist due
>to any mental "dullness." Some of us on this forum need the complete
>story, those who don't can easily scroll through the verbiage without
>wasting a whole lot of time.

I received an adequate response from Glenn to my questions. I guess I should
take the time to download the materials from your web sites, and/or read the
books. I have found that it is hard to learn anything in detail via email.

However, while knowing practically nothing about the subject of prehistory,
I am amazed at the magnitude of the problems you are attempting to deal with.
It is clear to me at least that no one has the "complete story."

First of all, the date discrepancy between you and Glenn is a factor of 1000 (5
million years to roughly 5000 years). This is not too much better than the
discrepancy for young-earthers (a factor of about 1 million).

Moreover, not only are we in vast disagreement as to the date, now it turns out
that we aren't sure WHAT to date. It's not tools, not bones, not clothing, not
bipedalism. Is it something called the *image of God*? Is that equivalent to
the images of Venus? Cave art? Rock markings? Flower petals buried with the

Sorry if I seemed testy. Nothing personal. It's just that, as a physicist, I'm
really uncomfortable with the thinness of the database, the uncertainty of the
question, and the level of speculation on this subject. All this is
inconsistent with any hubris or talk of "solutions". It reminds me of the
movie, "Crimson Tide": very tense living on a submarine with two strong
commanders who faced uncertainty, with the fate of the world in the balance.

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