Re: Dating Adam

Dick Fischer (
Wed, 29 May 1996 12:15:10 -0500

Paul wrote:

>Sometimes I'm missing your points, Glenn. Perhaps it is my dullness, but also
>your verbosity contributes. Most of us are vaguely familiar with the science
>news; you don't need to offer long quotes (maybe just references). I just
>don't have time to read long paragraphs here, and I don't think that is
>necessary for you to make your points. We are a generally receptive audience.

Let's not be testy. I don't think you got to be a research physicist due
to any mental "dullness." Some of us on this forum need the complete
story, those who don't can easily scroll through the verbiage without
wasting a whole lot of time.

Please Paul, let's:

>"Practice thoughtful kindness, and helpful acts of beauty."

Yours in Christ,

Dick Fischer
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