Re: Dating Adam

Paul Arveson (
Wed, 29 May 96 10:10:11 EDT

Glenn wrote:
> It would appear to me that the standard Christian explanations of when and
> where the image of God first appears in the fossil record is simply WRONG.

What is the "standard Chr. explanation of when and where..."

What is the "image of God" in this sentence? How does it appear "in the fossil

Why is whatever it is wrong?

Sometimes I'm missing your points, Glenn. Perhaps it is my dullness, but also
your verbosity contributes. Most of us are vaguely familiar with the science
news; you don't need to offer long quotes (maybe just references). I just don't
have time to read long paragraphs here, and I don't think that is necessary for
you to make your points. We are a generally receptive audience.

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