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Samuel D. Olsen (
Wed, 29 May 1996 09:45:12 +0200

Kenneth wrote:
If a patient drives up in the latest
>BMW on DSHS (Medicaid) charity care, and can't make a $10 co-pay, my desire
>for Christian compassion falters. As I said before, this happens all the ti=

This illustrates the underlying reason why all systems we can come up with
fail: man=B4s sinfulness leads to selfishness and selfcenteredness. With
this attitude, one tries to grab what you can and to blazes what your duty
and responsibility is. In socialist countries, there is a danger for
underplaying the individual=B4s responsibilty. Selfish exploitation of the
system wastes money and discourages those who are serving. The government
tries to cut the waste as I presumes happens in the UK.

I ask Samuel to not look at systems which have been in place only a short
>period of time, such as the Canadian system. I am not familiar with the
>Norwegian system, and perhaps you could enlighten us on how long that syste=
>is in place.

The system has been in place for at least 30 - 40 years. The quality of
healthcare is still very good, I feel. However, the downside is that there
are long waiting lists for the lower priority services such as hip
operations. Perhaps the reason why the British hospitals are run down and
Norwegian buildings new and updated is the approach of the people reflected
in the attitude of the representatives in government.

In Norway, what is of benefit to the nation, family life and the
environment weighs strongly. In the UK, the creation of wealth and
monetary gain has weighed increasingly strongly. The class system is very
prominant still today in the UK.

=46rom a non-medical man on the street,

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