Re:Health Care

Samuel D. Olsen (
Tue, 28 May 1996 19:31:04 +0200

Mike wrote:

The solution is to get government out of the business and reduce
>insurance to strictly catastrophic coverage. Regular medical expenses
>should be paid by individuals out of tax exempt savings. You might
>consider making medical expenses tax deductible but then you get the
>government involved again.

I have lived in South Africa and am now living in Norway. Before coming to
Norway, I had the same prejudices against socialism that I detect in this
type of statement. Once you live in a socialist country like Norway and
experience the care and benefits of the system, you may become a convert
like myself. I guess your button was pressed because you may be unwilling
to let go of the familiar which is under your control and to your personal

We have excellent medical care in Norway. The respect and care for life
spills over into how people are treating one another on the street and in
the neighbourhood. People do not mind paying a little more tax - look at
the benefits to our society- is a common response. Earnings for doctors
and top management is of course much closer to the labourer=B4s wage, but
there is still plenty of incentive to do business and pursue a financially
rewarding career. The prosperous materialistic years are however causing
more self-centerdness here too.


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