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Terry M. Gray (
Tue, 28 May 1996 13:23:57 -0400

Please do not put chain mail requests on this reflector or propogate them
otherwise. I received this message 4 weeks ago, sent mail to the people
who sent it (without propogating it further). The mother of these students
sent back mail saying "please stop!" They were receiving several thousand
messages after the first 2 days! I'm sure that their science fair project
is now over.

No doubt this request has been floating around the internet for several
weeks and this poor family has had to change their email address.

In general any kind of chain mail request is a terrific waste of bandwidth
and administrator time.


>This came across my desk and I was asked to forward it. I thought maybe you
>might want to write them and maybe pass it on to others. I would be my
>guess that this might be a study on infectious diseases or some such thing.
>> Subject: science fair
>> Hi, our names are Stevie and Amanda. We are in the 5th grade at the
>> Phillipston Memorial school, Phillipston, Massachusetts, USA. We are
>> doing a science project on the Internet. We want to see how many
>> responses we can get back in two weeks. (We are only sending out 2
>> letters). Please respond and then send this letter to anyone you
>> communicate with on the Internet.
>> Respond to
>> 1. Where do you live (state and country)?
>> 2. From whom did you get this letter?
>> Thank you,
>> Stevie and Amanda

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