Re: science project

Steven Fawl (
Tue, 28 May 96 09:44:15 -0700

Hi Guys,

This came across my desk and I was asked to forward it. Considering our
interest in science, I thought perhaps we could help these kids with their
science project.


> Subject: science fair
> Hi, our names are Stevie and Amanda. We are in the 5th grade at the
> Phillipston Memorial school, Phillipston, Massachusetts, USA. We are
> doing a science project on the Internet. We want to see how many
> responses we can get back in two weeks. (We are only sending out 2
> letters). Please respond and then send this letter to anyone you
> communicate with on the Internet.
> Respond to
> 1. Where do you live (state and country)?
> 2. From whom did you get this letter?
> Thank you,
> Stevie and Amanda