medical ethics

Paul Arveson (
Tue, 28 May 96 12:39:56 EDT

I got a couple of flames in my brief proposals on universal health care.

I was even called a communist, for proposing that health care be funded by

The main point of my argument, which apparently was not made clearly enough,
is that germs don't recognize one's economic status, one's national citizenship,
or one's religious affiliation. They only recognize one's species.

This fact is affirmed both in Scripture AND in nature. This fact is
therefore obvious to most people. To fail to recognize it as such, or to fail
to give it due respect in public policy, can only be caused by some kind of
blindness, perhaps due to strongly held ideological or political views.

"How dare those germs have the temerity to jump from an alien, drug-addicted
bum to me, a hard-working Christian Republican!"

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