Re: Flood
Mon, 27 May 96 04:13:59 GMT

> Robert Ziegler wrote:
> >In looking at the "Journal of College Science Teaching" I ran across a
> > news item which talked about a world flood caused by a comet impact
> >dated about 9600 BCE. The issue is the May 1996 issue and the page
> >number is 386. This information came from the Times of London and was
> >the idea of Professor Alexander Tellman who is a geologist with the
> >University of Vienna. I do not have the magazine at hand but could copy
> >the whole article which is short. Since there have been interesting
> >discussions about the flood in Noah's time, the article hinted that this
> >would possibly be that flood. It stated that several groups of people
> >had traditions of a great flood and they said this could be that flood.
> >Has anyone else seen the article? I am posting this for your
> >information.
> >
> I have not heard of the article, but having spent a career looking at
> geology I can attest that the depositional and erosional evidence of such
> an event simply does not exist. I spent this last week climbing around
> the Guadelupe mountains of West Texas and New Mexico. I should have been
> about to find some type of Holocene deposit left from that event. It
> wasn't there. In fact there are no holocene deposits out there except
> along the creek beds where modern erosion is occurring.
> glenn
> >Robert G. Ziegler
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> Foundation,Fall and Flood
> Not being a geologist and lot looking up exactly when the time frame of the
> artaicle was, I just thought it would be of interest and perhaps some of the
> geologists would know more about it. I do not know where the man cited got
> his information about a comet smashing into the earth. One should probably
> see the original article.

Robert G. Ziegler