Sat, 25 May 96 16:31:47 GMT

In looking at the "Journal of College Science Teaching" I ran across a news
item which talked about a world flood caused by a comet impact dated about 9600
BCE. The issue is the May 1996 issue and the page number is 386. This
information came from the Times of London and was the idea of Professor
Alexander Tellman who is a geologist with the University of Vienna. I do not
have the magazine at hand but could copy the whole article which is short.
Since there have been interesting discussions about the flood in Noah's time,
the article hinted that this would possibly be that flood. It stated that
several groups of people had traditions of a great flood and they said this
could be that flood. Has anyone else seen the article? I am posting this for
your information.

Robert G. Ziegler