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Tue, 21 May 1996 12:35:18 -0400 (EDT)

Hi all!

I have been quietly lurking for the past few months and was finally feeling
enough to jump into these discussions yesterday with the comment on human
genetics and blood groups. My inexperience showed, I guess, since my signature
didn't show up as such and I violated a very basic rule of netiquette - I
forgot to
introduce myself! So here goes.

I am a "late bloomer" in that I received my MSc (Aquatic Ecology) in 1984,
but am
only now pursuing my PhD (Population Ecology). For my day job, I work as a
biological control scientist with the University of Florida. My personal
with Jesus began in 1972 as a teenager, but I didn't fully begin to "walk
the walk"
until 1982. I have been blessed with a lovely, intelligent wife and three
whom we homeschool and who are all gymnasts. We have served and
worshipped in Methodist, Baptist, and Charismatic traditions - believing that
it is most important to be where God calls us, for the season that He calls
us there,
rather than seeking to stay within any particular tradition/demonination.
In keeping
with that belief we are currently serving at a "non-denominational" church
(one of the
many that seem to be becoming demoninations of their own - has anyone else
noticed the irony in this?).

As a graduate student at the University of Vermont, I faced constant pressure
to defend my faith, particularly in regards to the creation/evolution
debate. As
a scientist, it was difficult to defend my conviction that "In the
beginning, God..."
As a Christian, it was difficult to defend working within "... the great
unifying theory
of biology." (E. Mayr, I think). That tension has only intensified during
the past
decade as a researcher. Finding ASA a few years ago was thus a true blessing,
because I found that I wasn't alone (silly to think that I was, but my
had not introduced me to others of similar persuasions) in facing this dynamic.
I have benefitted greatly from the newsletters, PS&CF articles, and now the
the discussions on this listserv.

Thanks to Glenn and Dick for a thoughful debate. I hope that I can
add thoughts of equal substance, but will probably remain a lurker for the most

In Him,

F. Allen Dray Jr.
Ecology & Biological Control of Aquatic/Wetlands Weeds
University of Florida, Fort Lauderdale Research & Education Center
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Natural resource management is the world's oldest profession.

(Genesis 1:26, 28)
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