primate interrelatedness-a question?

Gladwin Joseph (
Mon, 20 May 96 18:13:28 PST

Dear folk,

I need some clarification on a statement. I know i can look
up a book in a library for the answer. But having this
high-tech resource (the internet) and the benefit of
addressing this question to a community of thinking
Christian minds makes this approach far more appealing.

It is often stated by some evolutionary biologists that
99% of the human DNA is similar to that of the Chimpanzees
and Gorillas. Is that a right statement? If it is, what
does it specifically mean? A friend pointed out that we
have not as yet mapped the human DNA, then how can we make
such inter-species comparisons?

If you could point me to a good book that addresses this and
related questions on primate evolutionay biology for a
non-geneticist, please let me know.

anyway thanks in advance for your answers


"In HIM are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and

Gladwin Joseph