Issues in Genesis

Jack Collins (
20 May 96 15:38:48 EDT

The discussion between Dick Fischer and Glenn Morton brought up a number of
issues in the interpretation of Genesis, some of which are surveyed by Richard
Hess in a recent issue of _Science & Christian belief_ (I'm sorry, I don't have
it here so I can't give particulars). He touches on, among other things, the
name Adam (and see his full study mentioned in one of the footnotes of that
article), personal names in the Ancient Near East (see Hess' PhD thesis on that,
available through Eisenbrauns), the meaning of Eden (he cites a study by Alan
Millard showing that "desert" won't work), and the relationship of Gen 1 and 2
(on which also, may I suggest my article, "The wayyiqtol as 'pluperfect': When
and why", _Tyndale Bulletin_ 46.1 (1995), 118-140, especially 135-140). There's
plenty more in Hess' article.

Jack Collins
Covenant Theological Seminary