Joseph Carson (
19 May 96 12:10:02 EDT

I may be raising an old and well discussed argument, but I've not
encountered it previously, and would like to know how it's has been

If I recall properly, someone recently posed a question about imagining a
created world without a Creator and how or if it would necessarily differ
from the one we experience.

Perhaps my musing is related to it. My question is:

Given the Bibical story of man's creation, can there be more than four gene
for any human characteristic? My armchair observation is that there seem to
be no more than four types of eye, skin, and hair color, four blood types,
four basic shapes of heads, etc.

Related to this would be that in the beginning of human history, according
to the bible, there were not present day restrictions against consanguinity
in marriage. If Adam and Eve together expressed the total variation in the
human gene pool, then the reason for such present day restrictions
would not appear to be as applicable to their close descendants.

I'd appreciate any insight offered into this argument.

Joe Carson