Re: Dating Adam/Nephilim

Jack Collins (
16 May 96 22:59:06 EDT

In regard to Dick Fischer's posting, 5/16/96 under this title:

I'm sorry I haven't (yet) read Dick's book (it's on my list), so perhaps I would
have understood the status of these particular "suggestions". But if I catch
his drift correctly, the view that the Nephilim, Anakim, et al. are unrelated to
Noah is a consequence of Dick's theory on Adam. Hence the Nephilim etc. cannot
be used to prove the theory.

If memory serves me correctly, I entered this conversation in response to ideas
of some that the mention of the Nephilim in Num 13:33 demonstrated their
survival of the flood. My goal was to point out that the conclusion did not
follow from the data. I think I have said enough on that. I'll have to wait a
while before commenting on the larger question of the validity of the theory
(thanks for the other posting summarising it), so I'll stop for now.

Jack Collins
Covenant Theological Seminary