Re: Prayer and its impact on secular campuses

Donald E Degraaf (
Thu, 16 May 1996 21:55:18 -0400 (EDT)

On Thu, 16 May 1996, Paul A. Craig wrote:

> Dear ASAer's:
> I am a lurker who appreciates very much all the thought and energy the active
> participants on this listserver put into discussions of dealing with the
> natural world from a Christian perspective.
> As a Christian on a secular campus, I often feel handcuffed in
> terms of how openly I can share my faith (probably just an excuse for lack of
> boldness), but I am also confident that prayer can have a dramatic impact.

Hello, Paul. Thanks for bringing your concerns to this listserv.
It's my experience that there are appropriate ways to share your faith on
a secular campus, both in class, in your office, and in the coffee shop.
Of course you need to use discretion, and your witness needs to be
supported with prayer.

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship has a faculty ministry which aims to
assist Christian faculty in serving the Lord on their campuses. The
director is Terry Morrison, whose email address is at the top of this
posting. He works out of Madison, WI but visits faculty from time to
time all over the country.

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> I would be greatly encouraged to hear examples of how prayer has had an impact
> on secular campuses. If you are aware of organized groups of intercessors
> for college campuses, I would like to know about it. That would help me to know
> better how to pray. Also, if anyone is aware of a listserver that would be
> more appropriate for this type of message, I would welcome your suggestions.
> Paul Craig
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