Re: Genesis Flood Sum Up

Bill Hamilton (
Thu, 16 May 1996 14:48:31 -0400

Thanks for the nice summary of your position, Dick.

We've discussed the creation, the origin of Adam and the flood. An
additional event in Gen 1-11 which might be studied and correlations sought
with science is the confusion of languages at Babel.

I believe linguists who study how languages change with time would say that
insuffient time has passed since Babel for the languages extant today to
have evolved. I suspect your answer might allude to your claim (which I
find persuasive) that not all men are descendants of Adam, so that there
might be nonAdamic languages which had been developing for many years and
which survived the flood. Thus the confusion of languages at Babel _might_
be seen to be a judgment on covenant people -- who at the time spoke one
language -- for concentrating on building towers instead of spreading
knowledge of God throughout the world.

If that's your answer, then it's fair to ask: are there any features of
extant languages and their known histories that might be consistent with
such a scenario?

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