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Thu, 16 May 1996 14:32:20 -0500

At 10:36 PM 5/14/96 EDT, Jack Collins wrote:

>To review: last week I sent a posting that pointed out that mention of the
>Nephilim in Numbers 13:33 does not imply a truth-claim by the narrator that
>these people survived the flood. Dick responded by asserting that the various
>groups Anakim, Emim, and Zamzummim are not related to Noah.

I think "asserting" is a little strong, perhaps "suggesting" comes closer to my
intent. However, what one verse or one chapter in the NT completely spells out
the doctrines of the church? We take the Bible in its totality to flesh out all
the beliefs of our faith. For example, Martin Luther left out the book of James
largely because he thought it contradicted Paul. Taken in totality it fleshes
out the doctrine of saving grace. By grace we are saved (Paul), by works we
known (James).

Without the OT how would we know the significance of an "unblemished" animal
sacrifice? Christ was the perfect unblemished lamb because He was without sin.

The totality of Scripture, taken in the context of science and history, can give
us meaning entirely unrecognized when translators attempt to concentrate
on ancient Hebrew and Aramaic without casting a glance at God's record in

Adam's place in history is about 7,000 years ago for reasons I have provided in
abundance. Native Americans, for only one example, crossed the Bering Strait
before 12,000 years ago. They, as the vast majority of the world's population
are unrelated to Adam and Noah. Knowing that gives corroboration to the
that the Anakim, who are "of the Nephilim," (and the Nephilim are pre-flood)
none of Noah's kin.

If one could establish a link between these peoples and any of Noah's
I would like to see it. The only rationale I have seen is that they MUST be
descendants because of the traditional belief that all of the word's populations
HAVE to be related. It's nothing more than presumptive bias. The very thing I
am calling into question.

Dick Fischer
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