Re: Prayer and its impact on secular campuses

Samuel D. Olsen (
Thu, 16 May 1996 15:08:29 +0200

Paul Craig wrote:

>As a Christian on a secular campus, I often feel handcuffed in
>terms of how openly I can share my faith (probably just an excuse for lack of
>boldness), but I am also confident that prayer can have a dramatic impact.
>I would be greatly encouraged to hear examples of how prayer has had an impact
>on secular campuses. If you are aware of organized groups of intercessors
>for college campuses, I would like to know about it. That would help me
>to know
>better how to pray. Also, if anyone is aware of a listserver that would be
>more appropriate for this type of message, I would welcome your suggestions.

Hi Paul,

It was refreshing hearing of your concern for prayer on campus. So far we
have heard seasoned ASAers discuss intellectual matters. In the rich man
and Lazarus parable Jesus told, he emphasises that intellectual proof of a
messanger from beyond the grave would not even get the brothers of the rich
man to believe. We need apologetics, but we probably need prayer even
more. Rebellious, unbending hearts are changed "to will and to do His good

During my undergraduate days, four or five of us started praying for
revival during lunch break. This group grew to include Christians (about
400) of many denominations who started to witness more boldly and have an
influence which brought many students and some lecturers to faith in

More things are wrought by prayer than this world dreams of.

In Christ,

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