RE: Physics of a Mesopotamian Flood--miracles

Glenn Morton (
Wed, 15 May 1996 19:21:08

>That is a good point Glenn. Although he could have made the hike in 1
>year, with fewer animals--prehaps less overall time than building an ark.
> (Could you imagine telling the story of Noah's Hike? The question comes
>to mind:
> "Does God consider dramatic impact in making his decisions?" [but no
>answers come to mind]).

There is also another issue which I haven't mentioned. That is the
climatical impact of a desert Mediterranean. Hsu writes:

"The presence of a hot desert where the Mediterranean Sea is now should
have had a serious climatic impact. Indeed, European paleontologists have
noticed that there was a change toward aridity in central Europe during
the late Miocene, when the Vienna woods were turned into steppes. With
the return of marine waters to the Mediterranean in the Pliocene Epoch,
the central European climate became wet and cold and deteriorated
gradually into the ice age."~Kenneth J. Hsu, The Mediterranean was a
Desert, (Princeton: Princeton University Press, 1983), p. 176.

North Africa has always had difficulty getting rain. The entire
Mediterranean region would have been much drier. Thus during the time I
am proposing, there were only a few pathways out and those up river
channels. An ark is a good solution to the problem.

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