RE: Physics of a Mesopotamian Flood--miracles

Glenn Morton (
Wed, 15 May 1996 06:12:28

Concerning the volume of air replaced in the Mediterranean basin:
By private e-mail a gentleman asked me to incorporate isostatic
readjustment. This is the phenomenon whereby heavy objects make the
earth's crust sink and removal of them make it rise--water in the
Mediterranean is a heavy object. I told him that there are two phenomenon
I had not included. 1. Isostasy and 2. the effects of continental drift.
Africa is drifting northward at around 2 cm/year, closing the
Mediterranean. 5.5 myr ago the Mediterranean would have been 110 km

Incorporating both of these effects says that the volume of air is
somewhere between 75% and 80% of what I reported the other day.

Thus Noah would have had to walk somewhere between 300-600 km to get out
of the disaster zone.

Foundation,Fall and Flood