Re: Talking apes

Juli Kuhl (
Tue, 14 May 1996 19:42:32 -0400 (EDT)

On Tue, 14 May 1996, Braxton M. ALFRED wrote:

Each of these tooth types has its own
> function and, so, is related to the habitual diet. Chimps consume a
> lot of fruit; gorillas a lot of tough herbivorous stuff. The canines
> of the males are used primarily for social display.

I suppose I "sort of" follow bro Alfred's discussion; but the
above excerpt is a rather good example of why so many of us lay people
find scientific opinions a bit disconcerting (ie, we hesitate to follow
them hook, line and sinker). The above excerpt can SEEM to be saying that
diet "causes" tooth structure - chimps consume fruit, so they have a
certain kind of tooth structure, gorillas consume herbs, so they have
another kind of tooth structure - but then goes on to say that canines in
the males are used for social display. Now does that mean social display
use "causes" larger canine teeth????? eeeeuwwwww... I don't blame
people for not wanting to "follow" scientific reasoning for matters of faith.

Are you saying, instead, that teeth *result* in diet preferences?
Well, OK, but then how do the benefits of social display "make" canines
bigger? yes, I'm an uneducated lay person. You fellows can go into the
most incredibly detailed, intricate, convoluted explanations you want;
but it doesn't help me have confidence in scientists as a whole. I'm
talking about the *appearance* of circular logic, the *appearance* of
biased theories. And then I say, well it's time for some fresh air and I
log off and fellowship with my wonderful Lord in Whom even children can
have satisfying faith.

Yes indeed, unless we become as little children -- not in
intellectual skill but rather in contentedness and trust, not in
ignorance that refuses to grow and explore and become mature but rather
in the joy of learning about Him in Whom we believe, not in sloppy
theology and lazy mediocrity but in acknowledgement that He is so vastly
superior to us and our reasoning ability and HEART that we can rest
securely in Him!

I love you, Lord -- we all do.